At One with Nature

Having traveled around Costa Rica for the better part of last week, I was reminded once again that much of the charm of this country is simply found in nature. After eating at numerous small, open-air restaurants or "sodas" as they are locally known, you feel revived in more ways than one. There's something to be said for fresh, clean air, untainted by the pollution of our busy world! Hearing macaws cry as they soar overhead, watching hummingbirds dance and tracing the rivers that rush by while you enjoy simple (and delicious) healthy food makes you wonder if this is how it was supposed to be. 

We hiked curving mountain trails, saw majestic volcanoes, waterfalls and double rainbows, were accompanied by monkeys (not once but twice!) and marveled at the beauty of creation. The vivid greens of the jungle, the brilliant reds and oranges of tropical flowers and the deep blues of the ocean took our breath away each and every day. We're so lucky to own a home where so many people vacation and we'd love to share our paradise with you! Come get some fresh air and recharge; there's a good chance you'll fall in love with Costa Rica just as we have.


Why Vacation in Costa Rica?

Pura Vida Jaco North Beach

While helping family members plan their first trip to Costa Rica, I couldn't help but get excited for them. Costa Rica is a great destination for vacation because it truly offers something for everyone! From adventure seekers to wildlife enthusiasts, beach bums to artists, sight seers to foodies, this country holds countless treasures. We'll start at the famous volcanoes, wind our way around the picturesque Lake Arenal, travel backroads through the farmlands and small towns of the Guanacaste province, pass through rainforests, hike through national parks where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean and end our trip relaxing in the gorgeous beach town of Jaco! Who knows, we may even throw a quick side trip to the Caribbean in there. What other country lets you experience so many different terrains all within a few hours drive? 

For those traveling out of the United States for the first time, Costa Rica is an even more perfect location! And the town of Jaco is icing on the cake. Not only are the people extremely friendly, most speak English, travel is easy and the US dollar is widely accepted! Restaurants of every type of cuisine you could want line the streets and the stores are filled with American products, not to mention tourists from every country. Ease your way into a true cultural experience with familiar foods, products and friends! Besides that, our vacation rental offers a luxurious setting with gorgeous beach and pool views, 24/7 security and all the amenities you're used to: AC, unlimited wifi, Apple TV, gourmet kitchen appliances and much more. We have a feeling our rental condo will seem just like home away from home. Relax in comfort and style so that you're well rested to take on all the adventure that Costa Rica has to offer while making beautiful memories. See you soon!