From English speaking clerks in most, if not all, of the shops to the fact that the US dollar is widely accepted, Jaco is extremely traveler-friendly. Souvenirs, local art, clothes, food and toiletries are readily available. Because Jaco caters to tourists, there's no need to worry about forgetting sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries, medications or even your bathing suit! You can find it all here. While there are a few small shops and restaurants that are cash-only, most locations will take your credit and debit card. Although there is a $2-$5 ATM fee depending on the machine you use, ATMs are located in all of the supermarkets and banks where you can withdraw either US Dollars or the local Colones.



Souvenir shops line the main street of Jaco, providing plentiful gift options for everyone on your list. Assortments of Pura Vida t-shirts and tank tops, beach towels, jewelry and carved wooden keepsakes fill the stores. Keep your eyes open for the traditional "coffee sock" coffee makers and beautiful cutting boards made from the natural woods of Costa Rica. Bohio Coffee Roasters offers various blends of locally grown beans that any of your coffee-loving friends will enjoy, while stores like Tico Pod and Fruity Monkey Poop have higher end options like art, hand-crafted ceramic items and unique keepsakes not seen in the many of the other stores.



If you do choose to stay in and cook in our gourmet kitchen from time to time, there are two large supermarkets (Mas por Menos and Maxipali) and several smaller grocery stores to meet your culinary needs. You'll probably even find a lot of the brands you use at home, although you may pay a little more for the familiarity.

One of the smaller supermarkets, called the "Megasuper", is located under the movie theater at the mini-mall right across the street. It's well-stocked and is conveniently open 24 hours for anything you may need.

As mentioned in the "Dining" section of the blog, you'll get much more for your money by visiting some of the local vendors for fruits and vegetables. Your best bet for a large selection of quality produce is Fruteria El Pueblo which is located about 5 blocks down on Pops Road and is where the locals stock up! Every Friday morning, there is also a farmer's market worth checking out. The market is located on Avenue Pastor Diaz near the Municipalidad. It's about a twenty + minute walk from the condo, so we'd recommend taking a least on the way back when you'll be carrying everything you bought!