Costa Rica is famous for its fresh, healthy lifestyle and this habit directly impacts the food scene. Restaurants abound to suite every type of traveler and cater to those who are more health conscience, yet still offer many choices for comfort foods such as pizza, burgers and fries! Because Jaco has a large international community it's easy to find just about any cuisine you may be craving: American, Chinese, French, Italian, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Indian, Mexican, Japanese and, of course, Costa Rican! While you're here, you'll want to try the traditional "gallo pinto" featuring rice, beans and eggs which is the typical breakfast or the "casado" plate which boasts large portions of meat, salad, rice and beans (and if you're lucky, plantains!) for an authentic lunch or dinner. If you opt to stay in and cook for yourself from time to time, the local array of bakeries, supermarkets, farmers markets and fruit stands should prove to have anything you could want!

Jaco places to eat


Side Street Bistro - Fresh Salads, Sandwiches and Burgers

Cafe Namaste - Middle Eastern/Indian Flair, Organic and Fresh

Graffiti Restaurant & Wine Bar - Artsy Decor, "Ghetto" Gourmet, Great Sangria

Green Room - Huge Breakfast Menu, American Food, Ceviche, Live Music, Craft Beer and Chill Vibe

Lemon Zest - Excellent Steak and Tuna, Fantastic Variety, Fine Dining

Tsunami Sushi - Extensive & Creative Sushi Menu, 1/2 Price Wednesdays and Fridays

Panaderia Artesanal - Homemade Breads & Bakery Items, Breakfast Sandwiches, Crepes, Sandwiches, Coffee, Frozen Lemonade,

Caliche's Wishbone - Woodoven Pizza, Mexican Food, Famous Tuna Poke Tacos & Bowls

Soda Garrabito - Authentic and Very Filling Costa Rican Buffet, $5 for Meal and Drink

Amancios - Italian owners, Homemade Pasta, Pizza and More

Frutas y Tablas acai


Here are a few places that offer sweet treats to refresh you during the day!

  • Frutas y Tablas - Famous Acai Smoothie Bowls, All Organic Smoothies, Coffee Drinks & Fruit Salads
  • Marsican Gelato Lounge - Homemade Gelato in Unique Flavors, Brownie Sundaes
  • Heladeria El Barco - Gelato, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Coffee At This Sidewalk Shop
  • Bohio Coffee - Locally Grown Coffee and Iced Coffee Drinks, Cold Brew Coffee
  • POPS Ice Cream - Local Ice Cream Chain similar to Baskin Robins


While the supermarkets are well stocked with produce, you'll get much more for your money by visiting some of the local vendors. You can pick up a few necessities at Frutas y Tablas while you're grabbing refreshing acai smoothie bowls, but your best bet for a large selection of quality produce is Fruteria El Pueblo which is located about 5 blocks down on Pops Road and is where the locals shop!

Every Friday morning, there is also a farmer's market worth checking out. The market is located on Avenue Pastor Diaz near the Municipalidad. It's about a twenty + minute walk from the condo, so we'd recommend taking a least on the way back when you'll be carrying everything you bought! The farmer's market has more than just produce, making it a fun cultural experience as well.